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Award-Winning Performance: A Closer Look at the WORX WG743E.1 40V Cordless Lawn Mower


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Recently recognised as the Best Lawnmower Overall by Indy Best, the WORX 40V Cordless Lawn Mower continues to garner praise for its exceptional performance and user-friendly features. This accolade underscores the mower’s ability to deliver outstanding results while making lawn care a breeze. For homeowners seeking an effortless yet effective solution to their lawn care … Continued

WORX Nitro Cordless Paint Sprayer: Fast, Flawless Finishes


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Paint Spraying Made Easy As any DIYer can attest, when it comes to painting there’s a direct correlation between speed and neatness. The faster you brush or roll on paint, the bigger the mess you make. Conversely, applying paint more slowly produces a much cleaner, neater job, but takes a painstakingly long time. Well, now … Continued

WORX Nitro WG761E 80V Self-Propelled 51cm Lawnmower Review


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As a dedicated product tester with an extensive background in exploring battery-powered lawnmowers, Mark Wolfe recently subjected the WORX Nitro WG761E 80V Self-Propelled 51cm Lawn Mower to rigorous evaluation. With its promise of “petrol-like power and performance,” this innovative mower has positioned itself as a standout in the realm of battery-operated lawn care solutions. Here’s … Continued

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Everything You Need To Know Before Deciding on a No Mow Lawn


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With energy costs on the rise and climate challenges constantly in the headlines, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to conserve resources by treading lightly. In recent years the no-mow movement has gained popularity as a way to support wildlife, reduce negative impacts on the environment, and boost free time. Whatever the motivation, most of … Continued

How to Arrange Plants in a Flower Bed


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How do you arrange plants in a flower bed to create cohesion instead of chaos? To answer this question, it helps to look at nature. In natural habitats, plants tend to grow in drifts or clusters, with one group of plants weaving and mingling with the next. A handful of species are often repeated across … Continued

Bulbs to Plant in Spring for Summer Blooms


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Flower bulbs are not just a spring thing. Keep on blooming with these summer-flowering bulbs. Most of us associate flower bulbs with fall planting and spring blooms, but many flower bulbs bloom during the summer months. In fact, some of our favorite summer blooms like dahlias, cannas, and gladiolas grow from bulbs or similar plant … Continued

Meet Worx Nitro 20V LeafJet


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WORX Nitro 20V LeafJet Compact Leaf Blower Leaf blowers, once used only by professional landscapers, have become an indispensable garden tool for millions of homeowners. There’s simply no quicker, easier way to clear away leaves and lawn debris than with a blower. And that’s why I’m glad to report that the clever engineers at WORX introduced … Continued

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