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The WORX WX354 Slammer Active Hammer Drill – Product Overview

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Product Overview: WORX WX354 Slammer Active Hammer Drill

For a useful, versatile hammer drill, consider the WORX WX354 Slammer Active Hammer Drill for all kinds of jobs inside and outside the house.

Key Features & Important Information

-Battery: 20V Li-ion, PowerShare compatible

-Motor Type: Brushless Motor

-Impact Rate: 0-1800/0-6000 BPM

-No-Load Speed: 0-600/0-2000 min

-Torque: 60 Nm

-Drill Chuck: 13 mm

-Clutch Positions: 18+1+1

-Weight: 1.7 kg

-Sound: 99.4 dB

-Dimensions: 204 mm x 187 mm x 65 mm


The WORX WX354 Slammer drill is more versatile and capable than standard combi or hammer drills. Standard combi (hammer) drills can never drill into concrete, while SDS hammer drills are not suited to soft materials such as wood or metal. Unlike its limited counterparts, the WORX WX354 Slammer Drill can drill into: wood, metal, plastic, masonry, and even concrete (up to C30 hardness).

It is the first and only cordless drill driver that also goes easily into concrete! The variable 2-speed construction covers a wide range of drilling, fastening, and hammer drilling applications. The WX354 Slammer Drill will be your best partner for all home improvement and DIY projects. Material Compatibility

-Wood – drilling capacity: 40 mm

-Metal – drilling capacity (steel): 13 mm


-Masonry and brick – drilling capacity: 16 mm

-Concrete – drilling capacity: 10 mm

-Reinforced concrete – drilling capacity: 13 mm


WORX Slammer Drill features 24 torque settings, including the drill bit, with a maximum torque of 60Nm. WX354 gives you the power for precise, top-quality handiwork every time. See an increased service life with all-metal gears and housings, adding important durability and toughness to the drill without compromising the compact, lightweight design needed for all kinds of DIY projects and home improvement tasks.


Brushless motor technology features 50% longer runtime, 25% more power, and a 10x longer service life than other motors. Brushless motors allow for a higher torque-to-weight ratio, increased power efficiency, and a longer lifespan. They also increase the drill’s reliability and reduce the frequency of maintenance needs. No matter the project, you’ll always be able to rely on the WORX Slammer drill for the job. Its compact design makes it suitable for small spaces and awkward angles, while its high-power features can crack through the toughest of materials. Powerful LED light emits when working in low-light or dark conditions, helping to prevent accidents and maintain precision in sub-optimal lighting conditions, protecting the lifespan of the drill. Never be without power with the LED charge-level indicator and PowerShare-compatible battery.

PowerShare Compatibility Own other WORX power tools? Batteries are interchangeable between compatible tools to save you money and reduce waste. Expanding your cordless tool system with the PowerShare range will save you storage space, too. Charge batteries fully before first use for best results. Keep batteries charged up regularly for ease-of-use whenever you need them.

View the WX354 drill on our website to purchase through trusted retailers. See the drill in action here.