Cordless pumps

Worx cordless pump is the perfect tool when you need to inflate bicycles tyres, inflatables, balls and much more. Get the job done quickly with minimal hassle with this easy-to-use and lightweight tool!

The must-have 4-in-1 machine for car, home or garage

20V High Pressure Inflator (4-in-1 tool) - Tool Only - WX092.9

£ 79.99

Take control of inflation tasks around the house, garage, or on-the-go.

20V High Pressure Inflator (4-in-1 tool) with 2.0Ah Battery and Charger - WX092

£ 119.99

Effortless Lawn and Garden Care

20V Cordless Garden Sprayer - Tool Only - WG829E.9

£ 79.99