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Father’s Day Worx Gift Guide: DIY Tools Edition

Welcome to the WORX From the Toolshed blog!

Dig deep into the latest news & trends in gardening and lawn care, get your hands dirty with DIY tips, and find out how to make it all happen with the latest WORX tools. With June just around the corner, it’s time to start shopping for Father’s Day gifts. Summer is the perfect time for DIY projects in and outdoors, so we’ve put together our Worx gift guide for Father’s Day DIY tools edition.

For Crafty Fathers:

MAKER X Longer days in summer means more time for DIY and crafts. If your dad loves craftsmanship, detailing, or artistry, get him something special for Father’s Day this year with the new Worx MAKER X. Perfect for crafting, fashion, design, artistry, technical repair, hobbies, woodworking, homeowners, and more, MAKER X would make a great gift for crafty dads this year.

For Handy Fathers

Worx 20V Slammer Active Hammer Drill

A good-quality, easy-to-use drill is essential for all DIY fans, from beginners to seasoned DIYers. DIY enthusiasts of any level will love the Worx Slammer Active Hammer Drill. Unlike other DIY drills, this cordless Worx drill can drill into wood, metal, plastic, masonry, and even concrete (up to C30 hardness). Durable, reliable, and versatile, the Worx Slammer Drill will be your dad’s perfect companion for projects all around and outside the home. Hydroshot Has your dad hand-made his own fencing or decking? Does he take pride in his handy work? The Worx Hydroshot is great for cleaning outdoor fencing and decking, keeping his work sparkling and looking its best. While dad is out in the garden cleaning his handiwork, he can also use the Hydroshot to water his plants.

For Sporty Fathers

Outside of DIY, the Worx Hydroshot is also great for outdoorsy dads with muddy mountain bikes, camping equipment, and sports equipment. As a completely portable pressure washer, it’s perfect for on-the-go dads whenever and wherever they need it most.

For Carpenter Fathers

Compact Circular Worxsaw

The Worx 85mm 400W Compact Circular Worxsaw is the perfect circular saw for carpentry-loving dads, cutting wood and other materials with ease. Blade visibility allows more precise cuts, with a compact and lightweight design for comfortable operation. Keep the work area clean with a built-in dust port for dust extraction, minimising mess. Angle Grinders The Worx 20V Cordless Angle Grinder will always be able to get the job done. With the ability to work in narrow/awkward spaces due to its compact design, and durability from long-battery life and Worx Powershare, this angle grinder is designed for control and comfort.


DIY doesn’t have to be complicated. The simple, small and handy Worx WX822 Detail Sander is a practical sander for detailed work, perfect for dads with intricate DIY projects and carpentry needs. Low vibration feature allows for greater handling and control of the tool, whilst the DUSTOPTM micro-filter keeps the working environment clean.

For Worx-Loving Fathers:

Worx Power Tool Accessories

If your dad is already a Worx superfan, consider gifting him some Worx power tool accessories. Whether he needs a Powershare battery charger, a Worx USB charger accessory for his phone or a brand-new versatile battery lamp to shine some extra light on the BBQ, you’re bound to find just the right accessory for his already-owned Worx power tools.