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5 Great Home Improvement Projects for Autumn

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The best weather might be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to pause your DIY projects and renovation plans. September and October are the ideal months to tidy up after the summer, and turn your attention to getting your home ready for winter. We’ve rounded up five great home improvement projects for Autumn, that will leave your outdoor spaces organized and your home comfortable and cosy.  

Clean the Exterior of your Home

This is the ideal time to clear, tidy and clean the exterior of your home. The main growing season is over, so start by clearing any dead plants, flowers or fallen leaves. You could also use this time to prepare the soil for any winter crops you might be planning, or for planting spring bulbs. The roofline of your home should also get some attention. Mud, dirt, fallen leaves and moss should be removed from your fascias, soffits and bargeboards with a pressure cleaner such as the Worx 20V Hydroshot, and you should also take the time to check for cracks or problem areas.

Update Your Windows

Badly fitting windows are one the main causes of energy inefficiency in homes, so this is a great time to check yours are performing well. Of all the home improvement projects for Autumn you could work on, this is one of the most important. Look at how the seals on your windows and doors are holding up. If the sealant has become cracked or you can detect any drafts, it’s time to remove it and reseal using high quality sealant or caulk. This is a job you can easily do yourself – it can be time consuming, but is worth it in the long run. If the window frames themselves have become loose or cracked, it could be time to look into having the whole unit replaced before the bad weather arrives. Opt for double or triple glazed windows for maximum energy efficiency and warmth.

Install Great Storage

The cooler weather makes it the ideal time to turn your attention to the inside of your home, and work on those projects that have been put off in favour of outdoor jobs. Using this time to update the storage in your home is a great idea. Boxing in awkward areas can provide extra cupboards and create a more streamlined look, and installing shelves into alcove spaces will give you somewhere to keep books, magazines and other items. Making sure you’ve got the right tools for the job will make your interior woodwork projects a breeze. The WORX range of saws, planers and drills will help you tackle anything, and leave you with a perfect, professional finish.

Touch up Interior Paintwork

The weather has cooled off, but it’s still warm enough to tolerate open windows without feeling the chill. This makes it the perfect time to tackle the interior paintwork around your home. Spot touch ups are the quickest way to maintain beautiful walls; simply fill any cracks or chips, sand lightly and recoat the entire wall. Alternatively, opt for a completely fresh style with new colours for a bright winter look.

Install a Wood Burning Stove

One of our top home improvement projects for Autumn is to install a wood burning stove. There’s nothing cosier in the winter than snuggling up on the sofa in front of a roaring fire. Wood burners also look beautiful, providing a focal point in the room, and can save money on your heating bill. It’s commonly thought that an open fire requires a chimney, but this actually isn’t true. A twin flue wall system through the roof or wall of your house will carry the fumes outside in the same way a chimney would, and is an easy option for anyone living in a modern home.

While you can install your own wood burning stove, it’s always best to consult a professional for advice before you grab those power tools and get started.