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A Homeowners Guide to Renovating in Uncertain Times

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Your time in quarantine has probably made those flaws around your home more noticeable, and might have inspired you to take action. Whether you’ve been planning for repairs and home renovations for months, or you’ve just now been inspired, the uncertain times can pose some unique obstacles. A health or economic crisis will likely impact your project. But, if you’re prepared with both the right DIY tools and know what to expect, you should still be able to complete whatever improvements you had in mind.

If you’re considering renovating during the current pandemic, here are a few top tips:

Expect To Deviate From Your Home Renovation Timeline

Even if you’ve already settled on a project timeline, you should be prepared to deviate from your original plans. Many suppliers are experiencing backorders, which means it might take longer than usual to receive materials or equipment. The pandemic has slowed down production for many suppliers, so make sure you order materials promptly to minimize your wait time. Luckily, WORX retailers have many of your favourite tools in stock and ready to ship, and the Landroid range is also available direct from WORX online. Customer favourites like the Landroid M 20V Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower are available immediately to make your home maintenance easier. During economic hardships, you might also want to look at your spending, and put a few projects on hold. You can continue with the planning process for each, but you should also be patient and wait until you’re sure there’s room in the budget.

Ramp Up Planning for Future Projects

As you wait on supplies during quarantine, you can still keep things going by using this time to make detailed plans for future projects. Use any spare time you have to research your project, consult with professional designers, and look at your finance options. You should also take note of any building materials you will need for renovating, as well as estimates for how much each will cost. When you buy WORX power tools, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality at the most affordable prices.

With PowerShare technology, can share batteries between power tools and save a significant sum. Having a detailed plan in place will ensure you’re logistically and financially and prepared to move forward with renovations during the pandemic and beyond.

Organize Your Finances

During a crisis, you may not have as much money to put toward renovating. Of course, your funds should go toward living expenses before anything else, but there are alternative ways you can finance project costs. For example, you could take out a small loan or open a line of credit, to give you access to money that you can put toward materials or tools and pay back over time. Or, if you only need a few small items, you could dip into savings or open a credit card, so long as you’re sure you’ll be able to pay it off promptly.

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

If you were originally planning to outsource a few home renovation projects, consider taking matters into your own hands. Quarantine presents a great opportunity to try out some DIY projects around your home. Taking on projects yourself can not only save you money, but also the hassle of working around contractors’ schedules.

Painting, landscaping, and deep cleaning are all simple projects that take relatively little time and few tools, but still add value to your home. Evaluate any projects you may have put off over time and decide which ones you have the resources to complete on your own.

A global pandemic can leave you wondering how you’ll be able to carry on with renovations. While you can expect some aspects of your plans to change, you can still improve your home during a crisis.

If you’re renovating during these troubled times, be sure to keep these tips in mind and equip yourself with the best tools from WORX so you can ensure a smooth process.


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