Crafting tools MakerX

Multiply your creativity with MakerX! This versatile and portable tool is perfect for crafting, fashion, design, artists, technical repair, hobbies, woodworking, homeowners and more.


Complete Kit for Engraving, Wood Burning & Soldering

MakerX 20V Rotary Engraving Tool and Wood/Metal Soldering Iron Combo Kit. Hobby Crafting Tool Kit with Battery, Control Hub and 43pc Accessories - WX988

£ 179.99

Versatile engraving tool for hobby crafting

MakerX 20V Rotary Engraving Hobby Crafting Tool with Power hub, Battery, Charger, x30 Accessories and Carry Case - WX739

£ 139.99

Versatile engraving tool for hobby crafting

MakerX 20V Rotary Engraving Hobby Crafting Tool - Tool Only - WX739.9

£ 59.99

Powerful and compact for precise cuts

MakerX 20V Mini Angle Grinder with Brushless Motor - Tool Only - WX741.9

£ 69.99

Perfect for artwork, crafting, model making and much more

MakerX 20V Portable Paint Airbrush with Compressor - Tool Only - WX742.9

£ 69.99

Quickly heat up to 260°C/500°F within a few seconds

MakerX 20V Mini Heat Gun for Crafting and Repairing - Tool Only - WX743.9

£ 45.99

Soldering Iron with digital control up to 480°C

MakerX 20V Wood and Metal Engraving Soldering Iron - Tool Only - WX744.9

£ 69.99

Easily cut all kinds of common materials

MakerX 20V ZipSnip Mini Rotary Fabric Hobby Crafting Cutter - Tool Only - WX745.9

£ 54.99

Heats up rapidly and ready to use under 30 seconds

MakerX 20V Hot Glue Gun for Hobby Crafting - Tool Only - WX746.9

£ 34.99

Powerful air volume easily cleans out dust and dirt

MakerX 20V Mini Air Blower for Cleaning Intricate and Delicate Surfaces - Tool Only - WX747.9

£ 54.99

Anti-drip nozzle, MAX 200℃, ideal for DIY crafts and home repair

20V cordless full size hot glue gun - tool only, 10pcs glue sticks included - WX045.9

£ 29.99

The perfect all-in-one rotary tool accessory kit

MakerX Rotary Engraving 201pcs Accessory kit - WA7208

£ 29.99