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What is the Robot Mower in the AWS TV ad?

Worx Landroid is the robot mower in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) TV ad. If you asked yourself what the orange robotic mower which manages to cleverly avoid the cute rabbit toy is, as seen on TV? The answer is: a Worx Landroid. How does it do that? Its unique anti-collision system intelligently recognises obstacles, making the mower steer to avoid them.

Why is Worx Landroid featured in AWS TV ad?

Worx Landroid is featured in AWS TV ad because technology is what sets Landroid apart form other robotic lawn mowers, and AWS (Amazon Web Services) is what provides the cloud infrastructure that’s vital to Landroid’s ecosystem.

By moving computing from local to the cloud, Worx’s robots can do things that would be unimaginable with the hardware onboard the mowers. A few examples of this are explained below.

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Future-proofing your investment in a robotic lawn mower

Thanks to AWS cloud computing, Worx has been the very first robot mower maker to introduce over-the-air software update capability. Not only does Worx send updates and bug fixes to its global fleet remotely, but also substantial upgrades. Simply put: if you buy an ordinary robotic mower, it will remain as it is over the course of your ownership.

A Landroid, on the other hand, will constantly get updated and improved in its performance, features and safety.

Remote diagnostic and predictive maintenance of your robot mower

In case something goes wrong with a Landroid mower, its log files the black box that records all the actions and events are remotely analysed for guesswork-free diagnostics. If the issue can be fixed by the owner without shipping the unit to a service centre, it saves down time and cost.

Logs of Worx Landroid’s global fleet are also constantly monitored by artificial intelligence, with the scope of predicting mechanical and electronic failures before they occur.

Auto-scheduling your robot mower’s work program

Not only is manually programming a robot mower a bit of hassle, it also falls short of the ideal, as the growth rate of the grass changes continuously during the mowing season. Influencing factors include temperature, sunlight, water supply, nutrition, soil composition and grass species. Within the AWS infrastructure, cloud computing combines relevant data and builds a specific working schedule that’s delivered daily to each individual Worx Landroid robot mower.

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Security of your robot mower

Worx Landroid robot mowers that are equipped with the optional Find My Landroid module can be tracked if they are taken outside of their virtual geofence. Owners get notified on their smartphone.

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Voice control your robot mower

Worx Landroid robot mowers are integrated with Amazon Alexa to provide the most natural, intuitive and inclusive user interface.