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Instant classic

Landroid Vision is flying off the shelves as fast as it’s racking up prizes and awards. Owing to its neural network and continuous over-the-air enhancements, it’s designed to get better over time.

Test Winner

We tested 34 robot lawn mowers. The best for most is Worx Landroid Vision M800.

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Award Winner

Landroid Vision particularly impressed the jury in terms of innovation and function.

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    I have the Landroid Vision and I’m very happy with it. I’ve never had a nicer lawn. I would buy it again and again

Verified purchase May 14, 2023

    We are absolutely thrilled with the device! Great cutting pattern, reliably mows every spot and the technology has worked smoothly so far. Of course, the best thing about it is the easy installation without laying cables.

Verified purchase May 21, 2023

    It learns something new every day and gets better and better with every update. I’m excited to see what the next updates will bring.

Verified purchase May 24, 2023

Learning through direct experience

Landroid Vision evolves dynamically, absorbing real-world intricacies to become more adaptive and effective than lab-taught systems. This knowledge is periodically consolidated into firmware updates, delivered OTA to all units.

The robot mower that’s aware of what surrounds it

All robot mowers can do is travel back and forth within an area that’s either restricted by a wire, or satellite coordinates. Not that clever. We gave Landroid Vision the gift of sight.

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Best smart home device

It can even cut your grass at night, so you can wake up to a freshly mowed lawn.

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Tom’s Guide, US

Self-driving lawn mower

It’s packed with cameras and autonomous-vehicles AI so it can tell the difference between grass and other surfaces.

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The Wall Street Journal, US

Most captivating products

With the Vision, Worx has done away with [...] setting up a guide wire around their yard.

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Fast Company, US

The cognitive robot

Landroid Vision’s deeply trained neural network determines grass to mow, obstacles to avoid and limits not to cross.

No setup needed

Just set Landroid Vision on any lawn, push the button and watch it do its thing. No boundary wire, no antenna, no hassle.

Active safety

Other robot mowers bump into obstacles. Not a big deal when hitting outdoor furniture and trees, but crucial when it comes to pets, wildlife and human beings. Vision takes care.

Multiple zones management

Vision is designed to safely stay within solid sections of grass. It will only leave the area if you want it to. Just place RFID tags and it’ll know where to travel to.

Vision’s window to the world

Landroid Vision gathers information about the world through its eye: a high dynamic range, full HD, wide angle camera with auto-white balance that can handle extreme contrast and glares.

Turning information into understanding

Vision’s neural network continuously interprets information acquired through the camera, determining the robot’s behavior.


Vision’s chip is built for stability, reliability and speed. Its neural network processes one camera frame every 0.05 seconds and makes the right decision accordingly.

Future proof

No matter how many million pictures have fed Vision’s deep learning, there’ll always be unexpected scenarios. No fear. Over-the-Air updates will get you covered.

Stay in control

Vision shares the same best-in-class app as all Worx Landroid robot mowers. A gateway to the Landroid cloud ecosystem.


Vision inherits Landroid’s acclaimed Cut-to-Edge feature, meaning there's less trimming for you to do afterward.

Let it mow at night, enjoy your lawn during the day

Vision will quietly mow at night without harming nocturnal life. When animals are spotted, it steers away from them.

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The more often, the better

As turfgrass experts would tell you, the single most important element of lawn management is frequency of mowing. If you let Vision do it, you’ll get the best lawn you ever had. In weeks.

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When you’re in the mood for pruning, trimming or blowing, just grab the battery onboard your Vision, plug it into your Worx garden tool, and you’re good to go.

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There’s a Vision for you

There’s a Vision for you

Landroid Vision M600

The Vision of choice for lawns up to 600 m2. Small in size, great in performance.

Landroid Vision M800

Designed for manicuring lawns up to 800 m2 thanks to a larger blade and longer runtime.

Landroid Vision L1300

Ideal for lawns up to 1300 m2, it comes with larger cutting capacity, faster charger and electronic height adjustment.

Landroid Vision L1600

The top of the range model comes with a higher capacity battery for managing lawns up to 1600 m2 large.