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The Best Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the WORX From the Toolshed blog, your go-to destination for the latest news and trends in gardening and lawn care, hands-on DIY tips, and insights into how to make it all happen with the latest WORX tools.

Struggling to find the perfect holiday gifts for your friends and family? Don’t let it get you stressed, we’re here to help! Choosing thoughtful presents doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Our guiding principle for the best holiday and Christmas gifts is simple: aim for something genuinely useful. And with WORX, there’s a gift for everyone!

For the DIYers

When brainstorming holiday gift ideas, focus on practicality and longevity. The 24-piece Screwdriver Pen Kit WX240 is a versatile option, featuring a 3-gear torque adjustment for overcoming various working conditions. It’s perfect for any new homeowners or those wanting to put together a flatpack or get into DIY.  For the DIY enthusiasts, a drill is a must for any toolbox. Consider the Worx WX352.4 cordless brushless compact impact drill kit—a powerful yet compact addition to any tool collection, with an impressive 60 Nm of torque to satisfy even the more professional users in the family, also comes with a large range of 75 accessories, so it’s a perfect set even for those starting out in DIY.

But it’s not just about drills! The WORX WX027.9 18V 4-in-1 LED Cordless Light is a versatile torch that doubles as a lantern, desk lamp, and SOS light. Its telescoping design makes storage a breeze. An ideal gift for a loved one for a light back-up during a storm, or to keep in their boot when travelling, and perfect for camping, so it’s the ideal gift for family and friends who love adventure holidays.

For the Sporty/Outdoorsy Ones

Whether your loved ones are sports enthusiasts or camping aficionados, the WORX Hydroshot is a game-changer. This cordless, baseless pressure washer is perfect for at home or on the go, handling everything from cleaning patio furniture to watering plants. Its portable design makes it a versatile tool for a variety of outdoor activities including cycling and mountain biking, and for boats, boards and vans that carry any sporting equipment. The Worx WX876 portable electric cooler fridge/freezer offers a convenient and ice-free solution to bring along all the refreshments they need for outdoor activities, or keep food fresh while camping, with a 23L large capacity. And for music lovers on the go, the Worx WX009.9 cordless Bluetooth speaker delivers superior sound with 2*30W bass units, 1*20W treble unit, and 1*passive woofer.

For the Car Lovers

Car lovers, rejoice! The Hydroshot pressure cleaner is a fantastic tool for keeping your vehicle spotless. Pair it with the WX030 Cube Vac cordless compact vacuum cleaner for a comprehensive cleaning solution. The Worx WX092 4-in-1 tyre inflator and the WX852.1 emergency jump starter are must-have additions to any car enthusiast’s toolkit, providing convenience and peace of mind on the road. If you have one of these people in your life, these gift ideas will keep them happy.

For the Crafters

Enter the MAKERX range—the perfect gift for crafters, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts. With a micro-ergonomic design and the Hub portable power source, these tools offer unparalleled flexibility. From wood burning (WX744.9), painting with the versatile airbrush (WX742.9), cutting through any common materials with the ZipSnip (WX745.9) or just for fixing or gluing decorations with the glue gun (WX746.9), the Maker X range has it covered. Start them off with the WX739 Maker X kit and they can build up their collection with the additional tools in the range – or you can plan to add to it every year. Or go stand alone with the Worx WX106 8V mini rotary tool set, with its variable speed control, it’s a versatile addition to any crafting project. From carving and engraving to cutting and polishing, this multifunctional tool kit has it all.

For the Gardeners

Those in your circle with green thumbs will love the Worx WG330E cordless Pruning Shears which do all the hard pruning work for them, ideal for older gardeners who don’t have the hand strength of their youth. And the WG324E 12cm cordless saw is the perfect pick for easy tree and shrub maintenance. Have a topiary enthusiast on your gift list or someone who just loves to keep their garden ship-shape? For detailed work, the Worx Zen WG801E.5 cordless shrub/grass shear is a lightweight, fatigue-free option. Its slim, compact design allows for long-lasting, precise operation.

For the Gadget Heads

For tech enthusiasts, the Worx Landroid robot lawn mower is a cutting-edge solution to lawn maintenance headaches. Look at the Landroid WR165E M500 Plus for those with medium gardens or go bigger – there’s one for all size lawns. It’s ideal for those who no longer have the time or the fitness to take care of their lawns themselves – it’s like giving the gift of a daily gardener to them, all year long!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at WORX! May your season be filled with joy and the perfect gifts for your loved ones.