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How to Jumpstart a Car with a Portable Jump Starter

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If you are going to be a motorist, you should expect that you will eventually have to deal with car troubles. To make your time on the road easier and safer, you should have a car emergency kit in your vehicle. When putting together an emergency kit, many people would recommend a set of jump leads in case your battery dies.

While jump leads can be useful, a portable jump starter might be a better alternative. With a jump starter for cars, you can jump your battery without having to find a second car to provide the charge. This makes a portable car jump starter more convenient, and it can even be safer than using jump leads. Even with the best portable car jump starter, you will want to take some precautions and make sure you are using the device correctly. In this post, we are going to look at how to jumpstart a car with a portable jumpstart device.

Safety First

While a portable jump starter can eliminate some of the safety issues that might come from getting a jump from a different vehicle, there can still be safety concerns. While it is uncommon, old or faulty batteries can explode if they are handled the wrong way or if you’re not careful when applying a jumpstart. For this reason, you should keep a pair of safety glasses, protective clothing, and gloves handy for when you do need to jumpstart your vehicle. As another point, you should always read the instructions for the jumpstart device you are using and for your car. Jump-starting most vehicles is a fairly straightforward process, but some may have different processes or safety precautions that need to be followed. As an example, the battery might be hard to access in some vehicles. In this case, there might be designated terminals for jump-starting that are not on the battery.

How to Use a Jump Starter

Once you have read the manual, you can follow these basic steps for using a portable jump starter. However, if the manual for the jump starter or vehicle contradicts any of these steps, follow the instructions provided in the manual.

  1. Turn off the vehicle and any lights or accessories.

  2. Identify the positive and negative battery terminals.

  3. Identify the positive and negative leads on the jump starter. The positive should be red and the negative should be black.

  4. Make sure your portable jump starter is turned off before attempting to connect the clamps to the terminals.

  5. Connect the positive lead to the positive terminal on your car battery.

  6. Connect the negative lead to a ground point on the vehicle. This could be the engine block or any clean, unpainted metal part that does not move.

  7. Follow the procedure for turning the portable jump starter on.

  8. Once the jump starter is on, put it in a secure place that is away from the battery or any moving parts.

  9. Try starting the car. Only crank the engine for 3-5 seconds. If it won’t start, give it a few minutes and try again.

  10. Once the engine starts, you can turn off the portable jumpstart device.

  11. Disconnect the leads, starting with the negative.

  12. Let the vehicle idle for a few minutes before turning it off or driving.

Worx offers the best portable jump starter available today. It not only makes it easier to jumpstart your vehicle, but it also comes with features that can make it useful for other situations.

It has a multi-function LED light and USB chargers, useful for charging a phone or other devices. Even outside the car, the features of this portable jump starter can make it good for working on things like garage organisation and other DIY projects.

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