Push lawn mowers

Worx has a full line of cordless push lawn mowers that do so much more than just cut the grass. They’re smarter, quieter, cleaner and greener than gas mowers.

Mows up to 460 m² with a single charge

34 cm cordless lawn mower 40V - with 4 Ah batteries and charger - WG779E.1

£ 249.99

Compact, cut-to-edge cordless mower, perfect for smaller lawns

30 cm cordless lawn mower 20V - with battery and charger - WG730E

£ 199.99

Compact, cut-to-edge cordless mower, mows up to 500 m² on a single charge

40 cm cordless lawn mower 40V - with battery and charger - WG743E.1

£ 299.99


All-in-One Pack, perfect for the keen gardener.

Twin Pack Cordless Lawnmower and String Trimmer Combo kit - with 2x2.0 Ah Batteries and Charger - WG927E

£ 249.99