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6 Autumn Chores Made Easier with a Pressure Cleaner

At the start of autumn, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of outdoor chores to complete. Luckily, several autumnal tasks are more efficient with the help of a pressure cleaner.

From watering plants to hosing down the car, a pressure cleaner is a versatile tool that can help with a variety of tasks.

Here are 6 autumn chores that are made easier with a pressure cleaner.

Cleaning patios, decking, and outdoor furniture

Cleaning patios, decking, and outdoor furniture can be a laborious task. To speed it up, and increase your cleaning power, consider using a pressure cleaner. Hold the pressure cleaner far away from the object you’re cleaning to avoid damage, moving closer until you find the sweet spot. This will help ensure that you’re not damaging your patio, decking, or outdoor furniture. When using a pressure cleaner to wash wooden decking and outdoor furniture, ensure that you’re doing so gently, starting with low pressure. This gentle use will help to prevent damage to your decking/furniture while still ensuring a good clean.

Cleaning your bike or car

Are you making the most of cool autumn evenings with scenic drives or thrilling bike rides? If so, you may notice mud and dirt building up on your beloved mode of transport. For a speedier wash without sacrificing cleanliness, swap the bucket and sponge for a pressure cleaner. When using a pressure cleaner to wash your car, make sure that you follow the manual’s instructions, wear protective gear, and use a gentler pressure to avoid damage. With no cord, hose, base or tap needed, the Worx Hydroshot portable pressure cleaner is mobile yet powerful enough to keep your bike or car clean without the bulk or awkwardness of mains-powered devices.

Hosing down fences

A pressure cleaner can also be used to wash down your garden fencing. It is important to be careful when using a pressure cleaner to clean wood fencing – adjust your distance and the nozzle used to prevent damage. The Worx Hydroshot’s 5-in-1 nozzle allows you to easily adjust reach and pressure as you need it, with an adjustable lance for gentler washing.

Watering the garden

Due to cooler temperatures and shorter days, it’s tempting to neglect your garden in favour of indoor projects. However, there are plenty of garden tasks to get on with in autumn, such as keeping plants hydrated in between bouts of autumn rain. Your pressure cleaner can assist you with making sure your garden is hydrated and healthy; pressure cleaners with adjustable strengths and nozzles, such as the Worx Hydroshot, are suitable for use in watering plants and flowers.

Washing windows

Save time on trips up and down a ladder by using your portable pressure cleaner to wash your home’s windows externally. Firstly, make sure the windows are closed shut and free from damage, broken seals, and cracks. Prepare your pressure cleaner ahead of time, adjusting the pressure to be gentle enough for the glass, and lengthening the lance of the cleaner to better reach higher up windows. Then, you’re ready to get soaping and rinsing!

Clearing gutters and drains

Clearing gutters and drains is not a pretty job. Your gutters and drains “will collect leaves, moss and other grime” combining with dead leaves in the autumn to “create immovable clumps.” Letting this fester can ultimately cause damage to your drainage systems and lead to all sorts of problems in and out of the house. So, it’s a good idea to regularly clear and clean your gutters and drains to ensure proper flow and reduce damage. Using a pressure cleaner, with a suitable nozzle and pressure level, you can keep your gutters and drains clear from debris build-up.

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Make sure to wear protective gear when using a pressure cleaner to avoid injury.