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WORX Guide to Choosing and Using Robotic Lawn Mowers

 A great looking lawn doesn’t have to mean giving up your weekends to cut the grass, or spending thousands of pounds per year on lawn maintenance. Robotic lawn mowers offer a convenient, quiet, and safe solution to regular lawn maintenance that allows you to spend more time doing what you love. If a beautiful lawn with less work, pollution, noise, and expense sounds like a good idea, then a robotic lawn mower may be right for you.

How do robotic lawnmowers work?

Robotic lawn mowers incorporate smart technology, spatial sensors, and remote control features to automate the chore of cutting grass. Powered by clean rechargeable batteries, they use navigation software to efficiently mow the grass on a programmed schedule, and return to a home charging dock when finished. These robot mowers make efficient use of electric power by clipping a small bit of grass at a time, several times per week. In larger gardens, they may have to stop and recharge in the middle of a mowing cycle, then pick up right where they left off to complete the cycle. Staying within bounds, avoiding obstacles, and ensuring a thorough cut over the entire lawn are made possible by a combination of technologies. With almost all robotic mowers, a boundary wire is usually required to surround the entire lawn with a low voltage electric signal to define the property edges. Onboard sensors redirect the mower around obstacles like trees, toys, and lawn furniture. The mower cuts in a pattern that is guided by a computer algorithm to ensure a thorough, efficient cut. WORX Landroids are extremely agile and operate without the need for an additional guide wire. With unique, computer-programmed mowing patterns, smart boundary turns with no reversing and AIA technology, Landroid reduces wear on the grass that you would see from other robotic mower brands.

Landroid features

WORX Landroid robotic mowers are user-friendly and easy to use. Installation, programming, and operation are made simple by thoughtful design, convenient interface options, and smart technology. Patented artificial intelligence software allows Landroid to solve navigation problems and improve efficiency all by itself. Cut-to-edge capability lets it mow right up to the edges, so trimming becomes a thing of the past. Landroid is ready to plug and play straight out of the box it only requires an outdoor power source and WiFi connection. Over the air software updates happen automatically through either the WiFi connection or using a mobile service, meaning you’re always up to date.

Mow Your Lawn Based On Your Preferences

Customised programming with the WORX Landroid mobile app is recommended for optimal results. You can use it to calculate the lawn size for improved efficiency, programme custom mowing schedules, set up multiple zones for separate schedules, check the mower’s status remotely, and more. The mower can also be programmed via an onboard LCD/LED screen (depending on the model). Landroid features reliable weather-resistant construction, but it knows not to mow in the rain to avoid wearing your grass. The onboard rain sensor will send it back to its charging port when the precipitation starts. Afterwards, it will pick up right where it left off. Add the optional Landroid garage for improved seasonal protection from heavy rain and hot sun. The modular operating system includes several upgrade options, including an Anti-Collision System that uses ultrasonic detection to avoid obstacles without bumping them first, a “Find My Landroid” GPS anti-theft tracking system, and “Off Limits” digital fencing to create no-mow zones within the lawn. The optional Landroid Radio Link boosts the wifi connection up to an additional .62 miles. It maximises the mower’s aI capability by maintaining an unbroken connection to the cloud – an excellent add-on for very large properties. Powered by a 20V MAX Lithium 2.Ah or 4.0Ah battery (depending on the model), Landroid is part of the WORX Power Share platform that includes more than 35 cordless power tools. Sharing batteries saves you money and contributes to more environmentally-friendly living.

How to choose a robotic lawnmower

When choosing the best robotic lawn mower for your garden, first consider your grass lawn size and slope. Lawn size is not the same as your property size; your house, driveway, patio, landscape beds and other non-grassy areas don’t factor into this calculation.

Lawn size The size of your lawn will determine the type of robotic lawn mower that you should go for. From small to medium to large gardens, you will appreciate the convenience and power of a robotic mower. For sloped lawns, the WORX Landroid can operate safely uphill and downhill on a slope of up to 35%.

Small Lawns For lawns up to 300 m2, the Landroid S300 (WR130E) is the perfect size mower for smaller gardens. Small but mighty, the S300 will keep your lawn looking tidy and inviting at all times. The S300 measures 507 x 361 x 205mm, with a cutting width of 180mm and a cutting height of 20-50mm.

Medium Lawns Gardens of medium size, up to 500 m2, will benefit from the WORX Landroid M500 (WR141E). Coming in at 558 x 404 x 205mm, with a cutting height of 30-60mm and width of 180mm, the M Landroid is a safe, quiet, and agile solution for your small-medium lawn. Measuring at the same dimensions and cutting capabilities as the M500, the Landroid M700 (WR142E) and M1000 (WR143E) are the best robotic mowers for medium-sized gardens of up to 700m2 and 1,000m2, respectively. Smart auto-scheduling and intelligent navigation are put to good use in these fast, agile robot mowers.

Large Lawns There are plenty of robotic mower options for large lawns. From WORX, the L1500 (WR153E) and L2000 (WR155E) Landroids are suitable for lawn sizes of 1,500m2+ and 2,000m2+ respectively. Measuring in at 630 x 445 x 225mm, cutting height 30-60mm and width 220mm, the L models are shipped with cut-to-edge technology for a clean mow every time.

Technical features Technical options abound among robotic mowers; all include features that let them work without intervention. These include basics such as mowing on programmed schedules, avoiding obstacles, staying in bounds, automatic recharging when the battery runs low, and safety shutoff. Next-level features add a layer of convenience not found on most entry-level robotic mower models. Such upgraded features include mobile app programming and control, WiFi communication, multiple zone programming, rain-sensing, and more. Additional capabilities utilise technology such as GPS help to improve efficiency, accuracy, and security. The WORX Landroid series have something for everyone, from base models with features that outdo competitors on every level, to fully customised and kitted-out models for those who need a little extra. All Landroid models are configurable to your exact needs, whether you require anti-theft measures like geofencing, or obstacle avoidance to navigate around trees.

Is A Robotic Lawn Mower Worth It?

If you’re accustomed to conventional petrol-powered mowing, a robotic mower may seem too good to be true. But you can believe the hype. These small machines maintain the grass at the perfect height all by themselves, without supervision or harmful emissions. They run quietly any time of day or night, saving you time and effort. Leaving this chore to an automated machine could be the best garden care decision you ever make for yourself, your lawn, and the environment.