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9 Rotary Tool Uses For Your Household Projects

The MAKERX Rotary tool is one of the most versatile cordless crafting tools you will find.

Beyond creative crafting, rotary tools are useful for several household projects. With so many bits, and the easy to handle micro-ergonomic design of the MAKERX rotary tool, you have an almost endless array of DIY home improvement ideas you can tackle. But, even if you’re skilled at crafts, you may still be searching for more ways to use your rotary tool.

In this post, we are going to cover some of the DIY projects you can do with your rotary tool. These rotary tool uses will cover everything from large house projects that can help you remodel to smaller tasks like improving on your carpentry basics.

Sharpening Blades

Have you noticed that some of the blades on your tools have become dull? You can use your rotary tool to sharpen those blades. With a grinding stone bit, you can sharpen blades on your lawnmower, hedge trimmers, and other bladed tools. There are even specialised bits for sharpening the blades on a chainsaw chain.

Sharpening Chainsaw Blades

Most DIYers will come across projects that require them to use a chainsaw. However, chainsaws can dull over time, becoming less effective. With the MAKERX rotary tool, the task of sharpening them can be done simply and with little effort. All you need is the rotary tool and it can get your all-important chainsaw back to good as new in no time.

Removing Rust

Many items around the house begin to rust over time. It’s not uncommon to find rust in areas such as the kitchen sink or bath taps. Proper rust removal can be time-consuming and difficult – unless you have a rotary tool. If you want to save time and make the work easier, consider using the MAKERX rotary tool to remove rust.

Engrave into Wood or Metal

A rotary tool is one of the best options for woodworking projects. It can be great for making precision cuts, but with the right bits, it can also be used to engrave designs and patterns into pieces of wood or metal. The MAKERX rotary tool is great for this type of project. You can handle this rotary tool in a similar way to a pencil, allowing you to achieve designs with better accuracy than other rotary tools.

Carving Plasterboard

Whether you are putting up new plasterboard or just adding a switch to a room, a rotary tool is one of the best tools for carving plasterboard. You can find bits that are made for plasterboard, but you can also use some of the wood cutting bits for cutting plasterboard. Rotary tools are great for carving up many materials as the design makes it easy to control, so there is less chance of making a mistake that could require additional repairs.

Polishing Silver

Silver can be susceptible to all kinds of dirt, grime, and dullness. Your rotary tool can help you in the time-consuming task of polishing your silver. The design of the MAKERX Rotary tool makes it easy to hold, simple to use, and efficient, with the polishing wheels allowing you to clean and polish various materials.

Cutting Copper

Copper is a versatile material you might choose to use for any number of home improvement ideas. With that said, cutting it can be a challenging task. If you are looking to take the work out of copper, you should use a rotary tool for the job. With the right bit, you can cut through copper with no problem. What makes a rotary tool even better for this type of task is that you can cut more accurately and it will allow you to make angles and curves with greater ease.

Electrical Repair

Repairing a damaged electrical cable, or replacing it with a new one, can be a tedious and hazardous task. Your rotary tool can make this easier with its streamlined shape and smart design. Remember to use proper circuit protection and take safety precautions when performing electrical work.

Sand Small Corners

One of the problems with intricate woodwork is the need to sand in tight corners and curves. If you have the best rotary tool and the right sanding drum, you can do this type of detail sanding with no problem. For many applications, you will get better results than when doing the sanding by hand.

These are just a few examples of the DIY home improvement projects you can do when you add the MAKERX rotary tool to your tool collection. It might take a little practice to learn how to use rotary tool accessories for some of these tasks, but the improved results and versatility make it well worth the time to learn.