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The WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mowers – Product Overview

Welcome to the WORX From the Toolshed blog!

Dig deep into the latest news & trends in gardening and lawn care, get your hands dirty with DIY tips, and find out how to make it all happen with the latest WORX tools. Are you looking for an efficient, uniquely configurable, and agile robot mower? Look no further than Worx’s award-winning Landroid series! What is Landroid?

The Worx Landroid is Europe’s best-selling robotic mower, available in a range of sizes. In 2020, the Worx Landroid M500 – a mid-sized model sold more than any other robot mower in Europe.

What You Need to Know Unlike competitor robot mowers where only the most expensive models receive innovative features, all of our robot mower models are fully customisable and include the same unrivalled technology and exclusive features. No matter which size Landroid you choose, you’ll get the same great base features, including:

Intelligent auto-scheduling,

Accurate cut-to-edge capability,

Efficiency and agility,


The power of silence – Worx Landroid is so quiet it can be operated at night,

Versatility – PowerShare batteries fit all Worx cordless tools,

Future-proof with over-the-air automatic software updates.

A Range of Models and Options

We believe that every lawn, small to large, deserves the same level of quality care. Choose the right size Landroid for your lawn size:

Small Lawns – up to 300m2 Worx’s smallest robot mower, the Worx Landroid S300, is perfect for gardens up to 300m2 in size. It may be small, but it packs a punch with the same great features as the larger models, optimised for smaller lawns.

Mid-Sized Lawns – 500-1000m2 If your garden is up to 500m2, look no further than Worx Landroid M500 – Europe’s best-selling robot mower in 2019 and 2020. Updated for 2021, the new model adds the following capabilities into the mix: floating deck technology, Bluetooth, high-capacity battery, and is washable. The larger battery in the Worx Landroid M700 model makes it perfect for dealing with larger lawns up to 700m2. Now featuring Bluetooth and floating deck technology for 2021.

Large Lawns – 1000m2+ Suitable for lawns up to 1000m2, Worx Landroid L1000 is the robust robotic mower you need to master rough terrain. The latest model features floating deck technology and V-tread wheels for performance on even the roughest of terrains, as well as waterproofing. The all-new Worx Landroid L1500 is suitable for garden areas up to 1500m2. With smart auto-scheduling and intelligent navigation, the L1500 is fast and agile even in large gardens with uneven terrain. Landroid’s largest model, Landroid L2000, is designed for mowing in areas up to 2000m2, with a maximum slope of 35%.

Cutting Edge Technology Landroid is simply smarter and faster than other robot mowers. With cutting-edge (literally and figuratively) technology, your lawn deserves a Landroid.

AIA Technology Landroid avoids wearing your grass by utilising AIA technology to avoid unnecessary manoeuvres at borders. When conventional robot mowers reach the lawn border, they rely on trial and error, and perform awkward movements. Landroid gets it right the first time, every time.

Noesis Cognitive Auto-Schedule With finely tuned cloud computing, Landroid knows how best to mow your lawn. No guesswork involved, Landroid programs mowing cycles according to the actual growth rate of your grass.

All-Weather Design With performance in all weather, Landroid can survive come rain or shine. But Landroid also knows that mowing during the rain can damage the turf; Landroid will stop mowing until your grass becomes dry again. If you’d prefer Landroid to run whatever the weather, you can disable this feature using the Worx Landroid app.

Slope Sensors Uneven lawn? No problem! Advanced slope sensing technology provides Landroid with real-time information on drift, inclination and speed to accurately control the wheels’ torque. Safety First Your Landroid’s blade disk will stop running immediately if the mower gets lifted off the ground, helping you avoid mowing-related accidents.

Cut Height Adjust Depending on weather conditions and your preference, you can adjust your Landroid’s cutting height to suit your wishes simply and easily.

The Landroid App Landroid can learn from you via the Worx Landroid app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Add in details about your grass species, soil type, irrigation system, fertiliser, and size/shape of your lawn.

Protect Wildlife It’s important to protect local wildlife, which is why Landroid comes with the “Save The Hedgehogs” feature. With the Worx Landroid app’s Save the Hedgehogs feature, your Landroid will only work while hedgehogs are asleep, automatically adapting to the time of year. Avoid nasty accidents and have peace of mind knowing your Landroid will avoid operating during hedgehogs’ awake hours.