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DIY Tutorial: Creating A Drinks Stand for Your Garden

Welcome to the WORX From the Toolshed blog! Dig deep into the latest news & trends in gardening and lawn care, get your hands dirty with DIY tips, and find out how to make it all happen with the latest WORX tools.

An ideal Spring DIY project to complete is a freestanding drinks bar for your garden. Spending warm spring and summer days in the garden with drinks in-hand sounds glorious to us! For this project, you’ll need:

-Timber – recycled is best

-Gravel board – using old fencing for this project is perfect


-A sander

-A drill

-A hand, reciprocating saw or compact circular saw.

Step 1: Building the main frame

The frame for this bar is a simple construction made of timber planks. This is the foundation of the whole stand, so make sure it’s sturdy! We recommend the Worx WX354 Slammer Active Hammer Drill for securing the timber together: it’s compact and lightweight, yet robust and powerful. Sizing and shape are primarily down to you and the space you have to work with. In this tutorial we’ll be working with this shape:

The drinks stand frame


Step 2: Sand down, measure, and cut the gravel boards for the top, front, and sides Using your old fencing’s gravel board or any other reclaimed timber, you can create the planks for the bar top, front, and sides. First, sand down the reclaimed timber that you’ll be using. The versatile and powerful Worx WX820 Sandeck is perfect for this job. The best DIY tool for all sanding applications, it comes complete with five different sanding plates and it’s lightweight! Then, you’ll want to measure up the first board piece and cut it to slot into the timber frame.

Aerial view of cutting the first piece


You’ll need a good saw for this. Use a hand saw if you prefer, or a power saw for speed and ease. If a power saw is what you need, try the WORXSAW Brushless Compact Hand Saw.

Step 3: Create the sign Now, create the sign to go along the top of the bar. We love the idea from Jay and Dom’s Home Fix to paint the sign matte black and use chalk to create a changeable chalkboard sign. Measure your boards to fit across the top of the main timber frame, cut if needs be, then get to painting!

Step 4: Fix the sanded and cut gravel boards to the front, sides, and bar top While you wait for your sign’s paint to dry, you can start fixing your sanded and cut gravel boards to the top, front, and sides of the main bar frame. Fix the boards to the front and sides like so:

Fit the panels at the front and sides of the frame


Now, you just need to lay and fix the rest of the gravel boards to form the bar top.

Aerial view of the bar top with the rest of the planks laid


Step 5: Fix the sign across the top of the bar You’re almost done, just this last step. Fix the now-dried custom sign that you made across the top posts of the bar. This DIY Tutorial was inspired by Jay and Dom’s

Home Fix, Season 1 Episode 5, originally aired 19 Feb 2021 on BBC One.