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Seamless lawn care, from front to back

Landroid L800 navigates narrow corridors like no other.

£ 1299.99
£ 1039.99

Landroid L800

Featuring a self-leveling blade deck, AIA intelligent navigation and Cut-to-Edge, the new Worx Landroid L800 is capable of manicuring lawns up to 800 sqm large with robotic confidence.

Semi-detached home? No problem.

Is that narrow passage between your back and front lawn deterring you from purchasing a robotic lawn mower? Look no further. Landroid L800 is the perfect solution to conquer all the challenges of your semi-detached home.

So quiet you’ll think it’s on mute

How much is 60dB? That’s the hum of an electric razor. And because the sound intensity reduces with the square of the distance, the perceived noise will be 32dB if you are ten meters away, the same noise as inside the Oxford library.

The wheel, reinvented

No matter how extended they are, keypads are always limited by the number of keys. Our newest control dial provides quick, intuitive access to any setting and adjustment, greatly improving Landroid’s human-machine interface.

Uneven made even

The self-leveling cutting disc automatically adjusts the blade’s height to match the natural unevenness of most lawns. Not only does this prevent the blade disc from scalping your turf, it also avoids the blades from hitting tree roots and the like.

Skip the middleman and buy from Worx

Buying direct from the manufacturer has its privileges. Enjoy extended warranty for added protection for your investment, and get exclusive access to a dedicated customer support team ready to provide expert advice.

£ 1299.99
£ 1039.99