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Worx Landroid, best in sales in 2021. Again

For the third year in a row, Worx Landroid M500 has been named as Europe’s best-selling robot lawn mower.

There are plenty of models available in the same price range, so why do people choose our model over others in the market? Why is the Worx Landroid M500 a best seller, and why is it important for you to know this.

Looking for a robot lawn mower? Do your homework

Buying a robot mower is not a light-hearted decision. All manufacturers claim they’ll give you the best, but making the right choice requires some homework. Here are some tips:

  • browse comparison tests
  • look for customer reviews
  • ask communities for advice
  • chat with your neighbor
  • check industry awards
  • look for the best sellers

Learn from the experts

Take some time to go through comparative tests. You’ll see that Worx Landroid gets nearly unanimous consensus: it’s either the Best in Test, or at least the Best Buy.

Hear from the owners

We all hold the opinion of online reviewers highly because they reveal how owners experienced products. Read some customer reviews and you’ll discover that Worx Landroid is rated an average of 4.5 stars in hundreds of customer reviews on Amazon.

Ask communities

By now you might start to have a clue about which robot mower is right for you, but you probably still have questions. Will that model fit the complexity of my lawn? Will it mow up to the border? Look for forums and social media where owners’ communities are actively sharing experiences and dispensing their knowledge to newbies and wannabes.

Trust the winners

Every industry has its own nominations and awards. Gardening products are no exception. The list of acknowledgments for Worx Landroid would be long: let’s just mention that in 2019 it got the Best Product of the Year Plus X Award and won five out of seven Plus X awards for categories that include Innovation, High quality, Design, Functionality, and Eco-friendliness.


Bug the neighbour for info

Sick of staring at the screen? Look out of the window: a few of your neighbors will likely already have an automatic lawn mower. Worx Landroid is the best seller, so there is a chance that you will come across one of these. If this is the case, beware of what you are told. As we all know, no neighbour likes to give up the greenest grass supremacy.

Trust the best-seller

No matter how others made up their mind about their purchase of a robot mower, so many people can’t be wrong. For the second year in a row, no model from any brand has sold nearly as much as the Worx Landroid M500 in the world’s leading robot mower country, Germany. In Italy, seven out of ten people who bought a robot mower in DIY stores chose Landroid. In France, nearly half of the robotic lawn mowers purchased in retail stores were Landroid. In the Netherlands, three out of ten were Landroid. And counting…